"Cartoon manga" is not a standard term in manga classification. Typically, "cartoon" refers to animated television shows or films, while "manga" refers to Japanese comic books or graphic novels. However, sometimes people may use the term "cartoon manga" to describe manga series or stories with a style that resembles Western cartoons or comics. These manga may have simpler art styles, exaggerated character designs, and comedic storytelling similar to Western animated cartoons. While they may still be created by Japanese manga artists and follow manga conventions, they might appeal to readers who enjoy the humor and visual aesthetics of cartoons. Examples of manga that could be described as having a "cartoon" style include series like "Azumanga Daioh" by Kiyohiko Azuma, known for its quirky humor and expressive characters, and "Nichijou" by Keiichi Arawi, which features surreal and absurd comedy in a style reminiscent of Western cartoons. Read thousands of manga in the Cartoon genre at Shibamanga website.