"CEO manga" refers to manga series or stories that focus on chief executive officers (CEOs) or individuals in high-ranking corporate positions. These manga often revolve around the business world, corporate culture, and the challenges and responsibilities faced by executives in leading companies. CEO manga may explore themes such as leadership, management strategies, company politics, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of success in the business world. These stories may also delve into the personal lives, relationships, and ambitions of the protagonists as they navigate their careers and strive to achieve their goals. Examples of CEO manga include "Skip Beat!" by Yoshiki Nakamura, which follows a young woman's journey in the entertainment industry as she seeks revenge against her ex-boyfriend, who is a successful actor and CEO of a talent agency, and "Hataraku Maou-sama!" by Satoshi Wagahara, which humorously portrays a demon lord adjusting to life as a part-time fast-food employee in modern Tokyo while striving to conquer the business world. Read thousands of manga in the CEO genre at Shibamanga website.