Reverse harem

Top 2 Best Reverse harem manga of all time? Where to read the best manga?

What is Reverse harem manga? Reverse harem manga is a genre of Japanese comic books or graphic novels that features a female protagonist surrounded by multiple male love interests. In reverse harem manga, the story revolves around the romantic relationships and interactions between the female lead and the male characters, creating a romantic dynamic where the roles are reversed from traditional harem manga.

Top 2 Best Reverse harem manga of all time?

1. The Predator’s Contracted Fiancée


You shouldn’t have crossed this line, Elisha, if you didn’t want it to be like this.” A sturdy arm wrapped around her swaying body. Her head became hazy and an intentional hot sweet sigh was pulled out of her. ‘How the hell did I get myself in this situation—’ Elisha recalled. This never happened before. ‘Yeah, I remember.’ Her future in which she would become the fake concubine to a demonic man from the same family, and would be eaten to death—even down to her bone marrow. A future in which the Cartier ducal family is embroiled in a power struggle and fragmented. To avoid that future, Elisha threw herself at Lucerne, the archrival of her former life. Yeah. There was no problem. She knew this man, before and after her regression. She already knew he was the most notorious maniac in the Empire. 20-year-old Elisha owes 30,000 gold coins (about 15 billion won in Korean currency or around 15 million in USD). After going back in time, in order to avoid a hellish life because of debt, she becomes the most capable illegitimate child in the world and visits Lucerne, the archenemy of her master. “What do you want from me?” “Please lend me some money. And… make me your subordinate. I’ll give you all the information I have.” “Why should I trust you?” “I’ll give myself up as collateral.” Lucerne listened to Elisha and watched her quietly. “Okay. But I decide how to deal with the collateral.” “…….” “First of all, marry me.” “…… huh?” Elisha didn’t expect it either. That her information transaction would become a marriage contract.


Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Historical, Isekai, Josei, Manhua, Manhwa, Mystery, Reverse harem, Romance

2. My Brothers Dote On Me


When she woke up in a new life, she became a poor little girl who was sent to the mental hospital by her own brothers. So with the painful memories of the original owner in the previous life, Pei Yun Ge began to fight back and fight against villains from all walks of life! All the way she abuses the scums, all the way she feels cool! However, she suddenly found her three former scum older brothers have become spoiled sister devils? Not only that, she gained another strong and powerful ” older brother”, the more the older brother’ spoiled her, the more she suspicious Is this the path of spoiling that can never be recovered/returned?


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Reverse harem, Romance, Time Travel, Webtoons

Where to read the best Reverse harem manga?

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