Top 2 Best Horror manga of all time? Where to read the best manga?

What is Horror manga? Horror manga is a genre of manga that focuses on creating a sense of fear, suspense, and unease in readers. It delves into the darker aspects of storytelling, often featuring supernatural elements, psychological horror, and disturbing imagery. Horror manga aims to elicit strong emotional responses from readers, such as fear, tension, and shock.

Top 2 Best Horror manga of all time?

1. Imprisoned One Million Years: My Disciples Are All Over The World


Lu Chen, an immortal, was trapped in the Chaos Realm for many years, when he awoke again he discovered a whole different world. The old continent shattered into countless pieces, the north and south poles reversed, the heavenly suns went from nine to one, the wild beasts vanished, and the humans, who had only one. small wild country a long time ago, have spread all over the world. A mangy dog he’d picked up in the past turned out to be the ruler of a kingdom, and a little girl he kindly adopted turned out to be an immortal…


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Horror, Manhua, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural

2. I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey


Lin Jie, a transmigrator, is the owner of a bookstore in another world. He’s kind and warm-hearted, often recommending healing books to customers who are going through a tough time. From time to time, he secretly promotes his own work too. Over time, these customers begin to respect him greatly, some even frequently bringing local specialties to repay his favor. They often seek his professional opinion when it comes to selecting books, and share their experiences with this ordinary bookstore owner to people around them. They respectfully and intimately refer to him using names such as the “Demon God’s Lackey”, “Propagator of the Flesh and Blood Gospel”, “ ‘Corpse Devouring Sect’s Rites and Customs’ Author” and “Shepherd of the Stars”.


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Isekai, Manhua, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural

Where to read the best Horror manga?

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