Top 2 Best COMICS manga of all time? Where to read the best manga?

What is COMICS manga? COMICS manga refers to a specific category or format within the broader realm of manga. The term "COMICS" is an acronym that stands for "Collection of Masterpieces in Comic," and it represents a series of manga publications that focus on showcasing influential or iconic manga works.

Top 2 Best COMICS manga of all time?

1. Rise From The Rubble


10 years after the meteorite hit earth, S starts to face Monsters that they have never seen before, Zuo fan, had a title [ traitor’s child ],among all of the level 1 star Warrior the most useless one escaped, he awaken in a scheme plot by someone while hunting the monsters on the battlefield, he awakened a system! Since then he started to walk on the path to find the reason and truth behind his father being a traitor, gradually his path changed to saving the world


Action, Adventure, Comedy, COMICS, Fantasy, Manhua, Sci-fi, Shounen

2. Evolution frenzy


After Duan Fei died in his previous life, he was reborn and returned to 20 years ago, a few hours before the virus affliction. Duan Fei’s regrets for those 20 years can finally be remedied by using his 20 years of knowledge from his previous life to arm himself in the present world. Duan Fei, who has obtained the evolutionary tree, is constantly improving his strength. Although he was the only survivor in the previous life, Now he is a world hero in this life…


Action, COMICS, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Shounen

Where to read the best COMICS manga?

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