Contract Marriage

"Contract marriage manga" refers to manga series or stories where characters enter into a marriage contract for various reasons, such as convenience, business arrangements, or personal goals. In these manga, the marriage is typically not based on love or romantic feelings initially, but the characters may develop feelings for each other as the story progresses. Contract marriage manga often explore themes such as love, relationships, trust, and the dynamics of marriage. These stories may feature protagonists navigating the complexities of their contractual relationship while dealing with external pressures, misunderstandings, and personal growth. Examples of contract marriage manga include "Nisekoi: False Love" by Naoshi Komi, where the protagonist enters into a fake relationship with a girl to prevent a gang war between their families, and "Marriage, Ex-husband" by Jun Yuzuki, where the protagonist agrees to remarry her ex-husband for the sake of her child's inheritance. Read thousands of manga in the Contract Marriage genre at Shibamanga website.